With our whole hearts . . .



Weddings are weird.

The idea that you guys would just give us gifts when we’re already so happy just to be together is humbling, and we know you all will buy us gifts even if we say not to (for which we are very grateful!), so here are our registries.

When we started thinking through registering for gifts, we realized that before we receive a lot of household items, we are going to need a house to put them in! While we realize this is not a traditional approach to wedding gift-giving, what we need most is help to buy our first home together. We are using Hatch My House, a website designed to help young couples with this exact process! Check out this interactive registry where you can navigate through our “first house” and contribute to our home-buying by giving us our front porch, a flowerbox, a roof over our heads, lampshade, commode, the cookie jar  . . . and yes, even the kitchen sink!

Click here to give to our first home:

House Registry!


If you would prefer a more traditional approach, we are registered for some items at Etsy, Amazon, and MyRegistry.com. Please follow the links below!

See our registry on Etsy