With our whole hearts . . .


Our Sam

Our dear friend, Sam Burns, will be officiating our ceremony under the authority of the Universal Life Church, and, more meaningfully, by the power vested in him under the authority of Mutual Best Friends Forever! Madeline and Sam met working together at UT’s School of Information, where Sam is a PhD candidate and Madeline was working on her MSIS. After collaborating on a website, they decided to collaborate on some beers, and Madeline quickly recognized Sam’s impeccable sense of humor and his ability to find the special in stories and situations. Their similar passions and sensibilities led to a close friendship, and they continue to collaborate on professional projects. Madeline introduced Sam to Eric just before graduation, locking him into the future Moya family for good. Eric and Sam became quick confidantes in the areas of music-making, surprise Doble Quinceañera party planning, and debating the finer points of life, love, manhood, culture, and bourbon whiskey. While the biggest test to Eric and Madeline’s relationship may be their ability to share Sam, they are grateful for his friendship and the steady and tender character he brings to their lives and will be bringing to their wedding.