With our whole hearts . . .



Ryan Moya - Best Man

Ryan Moya is Eric’s “little” brother by 3.5 years, despite being 3.5 inches taller.  A beloved family adage is: In the burrito of life for our family, Eric got the beans, and Ryan got the rice. Ryan recently moved to Austin, igniting a new, exciting chapter in the Moya Brothers Texas Adventures!

Matt Gallagher - Groomsmate

Matt Gallagher, perhaps better known as “Schmitty”, lives in Northern Califonia where he and Eric grew up together.  Eric likes to take credit for convincing Matt to move to San Diego where they were roommates for 2.5 years and could frequently be found singing “Don’t Let Me Down” with joy in the middle of the street, usually shirt-less, and always with glee.  Wedding Reunion performance TBD…

Katie Kelly - Groomsmate

Katie Kelly and Eric became fast friends working together in San Diego, sharing an endless zeal for riding bikes, spreading love, and “makin’ memories!” Referred to as his ‘personal superhero’, Katie has inspired and influenced Eric in many ways, including a 6 year hairstyle that only recently lost a battle to unfortunate professional workplace-appearance expectations.

Kevin Davis - Groomsmate

Kevin Davis and Eric met in San Diego, where they bonded quickly over music, a lust for life, and cheap drinks.  Kevin is a student of medicine, lending to one of his most valuable traits as a friend: the ability to hook up a Saline IV the morning after a long night of…studying.

Joe Mangan - Groomsmate

Joe Mangan and Eric became fateful roommates in Austin in 2009 and have since been an inseparable force of friendship and guffawing. While much of their time together has been spent playing music, one of their many other ambitious goals is to complete their upcoming documentary and exploration endeavor: “Joe goes to Space.”  Kickstarter account coming soon…