With our whole hearts . . .



Brandi Ledesma-Burney - Best Woman

Brandi and Madeline met working at a terrible job in New York. After their first magical lunch date of fried cheese triangles and blush wine at a TGI Fridays, they could tell they would be friends for life. Keeping up a very active long-distance friendship has led them to only become closer since Madeline moved back to Texas. Madeline officiated Brandi’s wedding to her husband Chris in 2010, true friend love all around. <# V3.

Karin Glenn-Levin - Bridesmate

Karin and Madeline met their first day of class, their first semester at UT when they were both 17. Madeline spied Karin’s Chuck Taylors and decided Karin was the girl for her! They have now lived together in at least 5 apartments, including a stint where Karin lived in Madeline’s closet in NYC, and worked together at 3 different jobs. They continue to bond over their shared love of the Sound of Music, and now in their 13th year of friendship, they still know what it’s like to be in each other’s shoes.

Molly Dondero - Bridesmate

Molly and Madeline were paired up to be roommates in Madrid in 2002, two vegetarians in a jamón-loving country. When their year in Spain was up, the two were heartbroken, knowing they’d never live in the same city again. They spent the next 6 years visiting each other and traveling together before fate took a happy turn and Molly came to Austin to work on her PhD at UT. Reunited at last! And now thankfully on hand for wining, dining, and the occasional 911 call.

Shannon Hildenbrand - Bridesmate

Shannon and Madeline met in grad school and became fast friends while splicing film in the HRC cold room. Their shared love of television dramas, pop culture studies, champagne, sarcasm, puppies, the Knowles family, hot toddies, delicious food, and old, special objects (archives) laid the ground for a friendship of lengthy email chains, backyard parties, lots of laughing, and lots of HUGS! Madeline hopes Shannon never has to leave Austin.

Rebecca Millhench - Bridesmate

Becca and Madeline became friends their senior year of high school after Becca begrudgingly took Madeline to a show in downtown Houston at another friend’s request. The deal was sealed after the fateful night of the saxophone player, and the two ended up being inseparable; Becca taught Madeline about punk rock and Madeline taught Bec about being nice. Although they no longer blare punk rock in the car at top volume (at least together), they still enjoy hanging out as much as ever and love each other always.